The Parables of Peanuts

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Maybe you thought Snoopy was a beagle. Turns out he’s actually a Christ symbol, according to Robert L. Short’s ingenious book, Parables of Peanuts. Cartoonist Charles Schulz, a devout Christian, once asked, “If we are all members of the priesthood, why cannot a cartoonist preach in the same manner as a minister, or anyone else?” This book explains that many of Schulz’s cartoon strips, like Jesus’ parables, combine “the proclamation of God’s love for the world, and [depiction of] the world as it really is.” Parables reproduces many classic Peanuts strips, including some rare early Red Baron strips. The illustrations are accompanied by some fairly heavy interpretations, laying out the basics of a conservative Reformed Protestant view of the gospel, with extensive references to theologians such as Karl Barth, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Soren Kierkegaard. Although entertaining and engaging, Parables of Peanuts is not kids’ stuff. –Michael Joseph Gross


“Short . . .succeeds in making theology enjoyable.” — Christian Century

“. . . a real delight from beginning to end. I could not possibly be more pleased.” — Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts

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10 reviews for The Parables of Peanuts

  1. Downey Rob

    I had forgotten about this book through the years. I had a copy when I was in the fifth grade. I kept the book in my desk but I had a crazed teacher that year (1970) and she ripped the book apart before I could start reading it. The whole experience left me shaken, giving a person dreams of a world depicted in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.I saw the title while perusing Amazon books and it brought up that bad memory, and I quickly made the purchase.I feel satisfied completing a task that was over 49 years in the making. The book is excellent and I am sorry I did not find it sooner.Still, that teacher is long gone from this world and it is reasonably safe to read books outside of public school.

  2. JCW

    This one is more theologically deep than Short’s other two books on the Peanuts characters in that he uses words and thoughts that are harder to follow and understand without having gone through seminary but nevertheless it is still worth reading.

  3. Abbytha

    I actually found this same book at a yard sale for .50, and bought a new one to give to my brother who is a Peanuts fan. Great reading…

  4. William S. Weller

    Pastor Short continues to find ways to tie Peanuts to the scriptures. Good way to get adults thinking about parables and other Bible study activities.

  5. Kim Gibbons

    I love my book. I was reading a loaned copy and decided I wanted a copy for my own library. The book is in good shape and I am happy to have it there.

  6. Steve

    From this reader, was ‘gung ho’ on the book more than half way through — though to some readers – a beware sign might be order – much of the first 50 pages or so sounded deep and referred to Existentialists ..and pointed to nothing of self- all in Christ – but somehow well past the half way point and could not see how he suddenly was able to equate all the things that had been written to turn right around and talk Universalism. And worse, to imply that those who are not universalists have a very small God. The word ‘universalism’ was never specifically stated. After all that had been read up to that point and somehow infer that despite all the suffering and anguish one goes through to come to that Place..and turn around and then make it as if that was all for naught since afterall, all are saved! was absurd.

  7. Tii

    I am fascinated with Charlie Brown and the gang and love to read/study God’s Word. This book is very fitting. It arrived on time and was in good condition.

  8. laura89

    I bought this book for my dad because he enjoys the peanuts and the religious aspects of the comic strip. He seems to enjoy the book greatly. Good price would recommend!

  9. Pam Green

    Five Stars
    Absolutely great – every Christian [and every non-Christian[ should have one!

  10. Davis

    Five Stars
    Excellent condition

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