Sodom Had No Bible

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10 reviews for Sodom Had No Bible

  1. Nunzio

    I give this book 5 stars for the content. It will shake you to your very core if you are a true believer. The Holy Spirit of God will convict you down to the deepest region of your soul. It’s truly a wake up call. I highly recommend this book.In all the years I’ve used my Kindle, I have never, ever, come across a book with as many spelling errors as this book has. Whatever method was used to transcribe these pages, be it human or machine, leaves a lot to be desired. If it was not for the excellent content, I would have only given two stars.

  2. David y

    I’ve listened to over 200 of authors sermons, which is perhaps why I’m giving this a four star rating. If you’ve never read Ravenhill I recommend this book but if you’ve read most of works and listened to allot if his sermons then this will seem like overly familiar territory. The two exceptions are sketches of noted saints, and a biographical sketch of author. It is good but compared to Why Revival Tarries, Revival praying, and Tried and Transfigured and Meat for Men and even Heart Breathings, it is a lesser work

  3. justin lamison

    Leonard Ravenhill, though little known by most of the Church today, was perhaps one of the most important men of our day. His nononsense, convicting message of a return to New Testament spirituality and power is so very needed today. This book along with his other works are just like the man—simple, convicting, and full of biblical truth.However, this edition was very difficult to read through. The reason is very easy to see. The editing is terrible. Misspelled words, inserted commas where there should be none, separate words combined together, half of a paragraph cut off the middle of the page and placed on the next page, capitalized words that shouldn’t be, words in the text that are incorrect, and so on. Sometimes I have noticed a dozen mistakes within a matter of two or three pages. Some sentences were even nonsensical. I am just finishing my first read through and upon my second read through, I will be correcting this text. It’s a shame because the author was a terrific writer and the lack of proper editing does not reflect this. Read Why Revival Tarries to see how well the author wrote.I would have loved to give this edition a 5 stars but could not on account of the editing.

  4. Shaw Thor

    We need to pay close attention to what Brother Ravenhill is yelling from the rooftops!! This is a must read for TODAYS CHURCH!!!

  5. Steven Monroy

    I had heard many of Leonard Ravenhill’s sermons he quickly became one of my favorite preachers but after reading “why Revival Tarries” and “Sodom Had No Bible” I became more aware of the necessity for true biblical revival. This book is full of truth. It will impact your life and encourage you to be strong in the battlefield.

  6. Owura Sarkodieh

    came in the exact condition as advertised.

  7. Jimmy R. Reagan

    “Sodom Had No Bible” is, I suppose, a book of his sermons. The thought of the title sermon is that Sodom was judged, but she had no Bible. What does that obviously mean for us today? He draws a picture that we fiddle as Rome (America) burns. “Riveting” is my review in a word.

  8. AC

    Great book

  9. Amazon Customer

    Timely warning
    This book is ‘on fire’. It is not intended to comfort or entertain, but is a flaming fire to ignite our souls with holy flame.

  10. Barb

    Five Stars
    excellent, a must read

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